Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

A clinically proven advanced wound closure treatment to accelerate the healing of acute, chronic, and postoperative wounds. Suction is applied across the surface of an open wound through a sealed air-tight dressing, removing wound exudates (excess fluid), which in turn improves tissue vascularization and stimulates a biological response that leads to significantly faster wound healing.

Our Technology: Re-designed For Simplicity And Ease Of Use


Healyx Labs’ Kyron NPWT System is an end-to-end system redesign of wound vacuum devices to deliver NPWT for underserved markets globally. Kyron offers a solution that is not only effective, but also simple and easy to use.

Kyron is a reusable device that allows hospitals to heal wounds at a fraction of the current cost without compromising safety and quality of care delivered. The simple design empowers nurses and even family members, with low-levels of training, to administer NPWT to patients in need. The Kyron Suction Unit a clinically established negative pressure standard to treat patients with chronic, acute, traumatic, subacute and dehisced wounds, partial-thickness burns, ulcers (such as diabetic, pressure or venous insufficiency), skin flaps and grafts. Its integrated wound management system is designed for use in acute, extended and home care settings.